NobelClad is committed to the production and prompt delivery of products and services to our customers through these difficult times with COVID-19.

Today, we remain the trusted leader in the production of explosion welding clad metal plates and offer a broad range of customized joining technologies for dissimilar metals, including weld overlay and roll bonding solutions. 


What Metals Can I Clad?

Explore the more than 260 dissimilar metal combinations we weld —all possible through explosion welding, roll bonding and weld overlay.

What Can I clad
Titanium clad


Assuring Reliability of Equipment

When a project team fails to understand the unique characteristics of titanium clad, the results can be quite painful. Curious how to assure reliability of your titanium clad equipment?


Tube Sheets Are Now In Stock

Field service and emergency teams are familiar with the unplanned, maintenance work at refineries. NobelClad is stocking tube sheets for quick turn-around orders.
NobelClad tube sheets
Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, and as a division of DMC Global Inc., we operate manufacturing facilities in Liebenscheid, Germany, and Mount Braddock, Pennsylvania, US, with worldwide sales and distribution resources dedicated to clad metal products. 
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