superior trains with railclad

RailClad welded transition joints replace traditional rivets and bolts in the joining of aluminum train bodies to steel chassis. The elimination of mechanical fasteners provide several performance benefits for rail rolling stock.

Over the past 10 years NobelClad has supplied aluminum and steel transition joints for 1,000 coaches currently in service. RailClad is the only product proven to reliably facilitate lighter, sustainable, more fuel efficient designs in the rail industry. Leverage the bond of dissimilar metals while retaining the mechanical, electrical and corrosion properties of both.

NobelClad Design
Traditional Design



A multi-material transition joint allows for design engineers to optimize designs by eliminating excess weight.


Dissimilar metal transition joints endure corrosive and harsh environments. 50 years in high stakes applications demonstrates this.


RailClad speeds up production and assembly operations. There is no maintenance on these welded structures and service life is extended.

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