Our Approach

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    • No matter the timeline or dimensions of the project, each client gets our undivided attention, problem solving and expertise every step of the way.
    • We apply decades' worth of clad expertise to inform project specifications from stage one.
    • We proactively educate engineers and invest in R&D to propel innovation in new material combinations, plate configurations and applications.
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    • We work with suppliers from all over the world to source the best material to fit the customer’s price, delivery, source and material requirements.
    • All component metals require written certification of specification compliance and matching positive identification markings.
    • Large cladder sheets may be fabricated from multiple sheets by edge butt welding. Welding is automated and complies with ASME and PED Code requirements.
    • The explosive detonation is performed in either an underground chamber or remote outdoor location, providing noise and environmental control.
    • Automated ultrasonic inspection verifies bond quality and provides a permanent record. Flatness and dimensional compliance are confirmed. Code certification is provided for every plate.
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    • With explosive clad welding facilities in Germany and the US, and sales and operations in EMEA and APAC, we invest in strategic locations to continually enhance our unparalleled dependability.
    • Our ability to ship high quantities of clad material is unrivaled.
    • Our expertise in shipping clad material internationally facilitates a smooth and seamless process through customs clearance.
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    • We are so confident in our clad that we offer a guarantee: When properly formed and fabricated, our products will not disbond or we will replace them for free.

Looking Ahead

NobelClad is always investing in R&D to develop new potential applications for clad. From golf clubs to helicopter decks on offshore vessels, there are countless possibilities for explosive clad welding. Auto, aerospace and even recreational vehicles can benefit from the strength and relative weight of explosion clad transition joints. The unique visual characteristic of explosion-clad material has also lent itself to exploration in art and architecture.

We look forward to collaborating with our clients to make tomorrow’s clad innovations a reality today. 

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