Our Approach

Every clad metal application, every interaction with the customer, every order is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality. At NobelClad, we are prepared to work hand in hand with our customers, from specification to delivery and support. Regardless of what the customer asks us to do, whether it is explosion welding, roll bonding or weld overlay, we test our metals to ensure them that the material will work in their application.


  • No matter the timeline or project requirements, we are always available to our customers, ready to share our knowledge and solve material design and processing challenges.

  • We use our decades of clad expertise to inform our customer partnerships and clad solutions, from specification through to delivery and support.

  • We proactively invest in our Engineering and Research & Development teams to accelerate innovation around new material combinations, clad plate configurations and applications.



  • We work with suppliers from all over the world to source the best material to fit our customers’ price, delivery, source, and material requirements.

  • All component metals require written certification of specification compliance and matching positive identification markings.

  • Our welding process is ASME and PED Code compliant. The process allows us to fabricate large cladder sheets from multiple sheets using edge butt welding.

  • The explosive detonation is performed in an underground chamber, providing noise and environmental control.

  • We use automated ultrasonic inspection to verify our bond quality and provide a permanent record. The process confirms flatness and dimensional requirements and we provide a code certification for every plate.



  • With explosive clad welding facilities in Germany and the US, and sales and operations in EMEA and APAC, we invest in strategic locations to continually enhance our unparalleled dependability.

  • Our ability to ship high quantities of clad material is unrivaled.

  • We ship clad material internationally often, so we’re positioned to facilitate on-time deliveries and efficient customs clearances.



  • We are so confident in our clad, we offer a guarantee: When properly formed and fabricated, our products will not disbond or we will replace them for free.