Welding Techniques

Our Engineering and Research & Development teams are experts in metals and applications, so we partner with customers and re-imagine metal performance in more than 260 compatible and non-compatible combinations. 

Blending our technical expertise and welding technologies, we offer the widest collection of clad metal products anywhere in the world.   

We pride ourselves on solving demanding material design and processing challenges by joining dissimilar metals using explosion welding, roll bond and weld overlay for the world’s industrial infrastructure.

Explosion Welding

By detonating high-energy explosives, NobelClad's process drives one metal into another, creating a strong metallurgical bond.
explosion welding in PA
roll bonding

Roll Bonding Overview

As a cost-effective, solid-state welding process, roll bonding passes two or more metals through a pair of flat rollers at high temperature to bond dissimilar metals. 

Weld Overlay Overview

Weld overlay melts one metal—the cladding layer—onto the surface of another metal of similar composition and melting point, forming a clad metal material that is resistant to corrosion and wear.
weld overlay

Dissimilar Metal Joining Techniques

Welding Type

Performed By

A small group of explosion welding businesses. NobelClad is the world standard.

Hot rolling steel mills dispersed across the globe.

Arc-welding, metal fabricators.

Compatible Metals




Non-compatible Metals




Thickness Spectrum

Explosion welding thickness
Roll Bond Thickness
Weld Overlay Thickness