Clad Tube Sheets

When customers need heat exchangers to handle low-quality cooling water, like seawater, they turn to NobelClad’s clad tube sheets, made from corrosion-resistant alloys. Our cost-effective explosion welding process creates clad tube sheets for applications ranging from refrigeration chillers for fishing boats to air conditioners for use in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, skyscrapers, airports and deep underground mines.

For quick turnaround or emergency maintenance projects, NobelClad always has clad tube sheets in stock. We can deliver certain combinations of clad products within one week. Click here to learn more about our in-stock tube sheets program.

Explore NobelClad's global experience in providing clad tube sheets for industrial equipment.
Industrial Applications
  • Power Generation

    Other Clad Uses

    Heat exchangers

  • Industrial Refrigeration

    Other Clad Uses

    Air cooled heat exchanger
    Gas cooled heat exchanger