Cryogenic Transition Joints

NobelClad manufactures cryogenic transition joints for a broad range of critical services in ultra-low temperatures. Our proprietary explosion welding process ensures our cryogenic transition joints have the highest standards of leak-tight welds between aluminum and stainless steel.

Cryogenic transition joints are designed to join heat transfer equipment, liquified gas storage tanks and other equipment to transfer lines.

For air separation and other applications where oxygen is present, we offer transition products with a silver rather than a titanium interlayer.  No matter which version of our transition joints you select for your project, they will reflect NobelClad’s high quality standards.

Explore NobelClad's global experience in providing cryogenic transition joints for LNG equipment.
Industry Applications
  • Chemical & Petrochemical

    Other Clad Uses

    Connecting heat exchangers to cold box
    Piping systems for gas separation
    Cryogenic equipment for medical use