Electrical Transition Joints

Since the invention of explosion welded clad in 1966, NobelClad has remained a driving force for the aluminum industry, providing strong bimetal pieces and innovative solutions for these challenging process environments.

NobelClad’s electrical transition joints, ETJ 3000, ETJ2000 and ETJ2001, maintain strength and electrical efficiency for long periods of time in demanding service applications at temperatures up to 500°C. Our products deliver unmatched reliability, while overcoming material design challenges with anode clad applications. 

In zinc electrolytic cells, when cathode design must keep maintenance costs down while maintaining highest operational efficiency, we combine our expertise in dissimilar metals and our design flexibility. 

Explore NobelClad's global experience in providing electrical transition joints for industrial equipment.
Industry Applications
  • Metals Extraction & Refining

    Other Clad Uses

    Electrolysis anode junctions
    Electrolysis cathode bars
    Steel to copper electrical connectors