In shipbuilding, our Detacouple structural transition joints are the world-renowned standard for permanent, aluminum-to-steel welds — welds that connect aluminum superstructures and bulkheads to steel hulls, framing, and decks.

NobelClad's structural transition joint are approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the joints are made using a patented bonding process certified by Military Specification MIL-J-24445A and NobelClad Product Spec DETA-604M and NC 603.

Replacing mechanical fasteners, Detacouple structural transition joints provide strong, maintenance-free, aluminum-to-steel welds for thousands of structures aboard today’s marine  vessels and offshore operations. Shipbuilders and naval architects have and continue to rely on Detacouple structural transition joints to:

Lower costs
Reduce maintenance
Expedite installation
Reduce vessel weight
Comply with universally accepted maritime authorities (ABS, Lloyd’s & DNV GL)
Avoid galvanic corrosion
Provide faster, reliable delivery
Meet vessel design specifications

NobelClad has 2 different structural transition joint product lines based on geographic location. Detacouple is available to customers in the United States with imperial sizes and TriClad® is available in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East with metric sizes.

Detacouple Product Offerings

   Steel  Interlayer Al Alloy  Nom. Thickness (in)  Bar Length (in)  Bar Width (in)
 Detacouple™ 9009 A516 gr.55
Al 1100

Al 5086  0.75 (0.375+0.25+0.125)  144  0.75 to 36
 Detacouple™ 9008 Al 5456  1.375 (0.75+0.375+0.25)  144  0.75 to 48
 Stainless Detacouple  316L Al 1100
Ni 200
Al 5086  0.953 (0.375+0.25+0.078+0.125+0.125)  110  0.75 to 40
 Al 5456  1.578 (0.75+0.375+0.078+0.125+0.25)