Structural Transition Joints for Trucks and Trailers

NobelClad structural transition joints will lighten the load for truck and trailer manufacturers. As fully welded components, clad transition joints eliminate the risk of corrosion and eliminate the need for fasteners in design, while providing better lifetime durability and strength.

By tapping into the strength of steel and the lightweight properties of premium aluminum alloys in the right places, design engineers increase truck and trailer performance and efficiency.

Hauling excess structural weight increases operating costs. Using hybrid aluminum to steel transition joints to lightweight critical structural trailer components advance designs and lead to lifetime cost savings.

Clad transition joints used in truck trailer designs can reliably secure:

Aluminum trailer cross members to steel frame rails
Aluminum trailer decks to steel chassis
High strength interfaces to steel hardware
Tubular interfaces for low weight universal joints and drive lines
Wear-resistant clad surfaces to lightweight materials


Welding Aluminum to Steel


Learn how welding aluminum to steel with structural transition joints can replace fasteners and revolutionize designs in trucks and trailers.

Product Sheet

Learn about the custom products NobelClad can provide for joining aluminum to steel on your trucks and trailers.
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