Chemical & Petrochemical

The chemical and petrochemical process industries have relied on explosion welded clad for decades. Some of the first applications of explosion welded clad were specifically designed for chemical processing facilities.  Engineering challenges requiring metals such as tantalum, zirconium, and titanium were resolved with explosion welding. A solution which weld overlay and roll bonded material can not accomplish.

NobelClad's ability to expertly clad the widest range of alloys in the world allows us to serve the chemical and petrochemical process industries. With countless clad combinations, our metal is used to contain corrosive materials in the production of PTA, Acetic Acid and Chlorate. Working hand in hand with fabricators, we supply the customized and highly engineered material used in the manufacture of columns, towers, reactors, heat exchanges, piping, and tanks.

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  • Acetic Acid Production
  • Chlorate Production

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