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From pressure vessels to pipes, heat exchangers to electric transition joints, NobelClad's products are the backbone of global infrastructure and industry. Our patented explosion welded plates and transition joints are known worldwide for engineering advantages, including:

  • Composite Strength and Performance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Temperature Uniformity
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Lightweight Design
  • Cost Effective Construction

plate products

explosion welded clad plate
Our DetaClad™ plate products are used for a variety of flat, cylindrical and shaped applications, and are the preferred choice for cost-effective alloy welds resulting in weight reduction, corrosion resistance and temperature uniformity. DetaClad™ products are the most reliable in industry and proven to have the highest shear strength of any clad products on the market. All clad plates undergo testing and inspection after explosion welding to ensure they conform with customer objectives as well as internationally accepted project specifications.

Transition joints are used to create a permanent weld in materials that would otherwise need to be mechanically fastened. Transition joints can be used to join structural components or critical piping systems, as well as make electrical connections between dissimilar metals. As with our clad plate products, our transition joints are of the highest quality and have one of the best on-time records in the industry.
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