NobelClad's explosion welded clad is used in longitudinally welded line pipe. Plates for pipe can be clad in excess of 12m in length and over 3.5m wide, resulting in a pipe of over 1m in diameter. Most of the major clad pipe manufacturers in the world have experience with using our clad and trust we can meet the strictest project requirements.

Clad bends for large flow line and riser projects are often a challenge for other clad plate sources because of slightly different thicknesses and lengths. NobelClad specializes in providing customized clad metals that meet specifications for your project. Our clad will not disbond during forming, giving engineers, designers, and pipe manufacturers peace of mind in specifying 5D or 3D bends.

We also offer seamless pipes with exterior cladding, as in boiler tubes for power plants. The corrosion rate of this type of boiler tube is a significant improvement over the weld overlay methods used in the past. The world's coal fired power plants are looking to us for a  technical solution that allows them to run longer and with less risk of extended downtime to repair corroding water walls. Explosion welded extruded clad pipes fill that need.

NobelPipe™ is most often used for Zirconium clad pipes. This specific application has provided end users with corrosion resistant pipes.


  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Shear Strength

Common applications

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