Structural Transition Joints

NobelClad’s structural transition joints are often used to permanently join metal without mechanical fasteners. In shipbuilding, our DetaCouple™ and TriClad® product is the recognized standard to weld aluminum transition joints, which are used for connecting superstructures and bulkheads to steel hulls, framing and decks.

Our structural transition joint applications are ABS approved and use a patented bonding process certified by Military Specification MIL-J-24445A and NobelClad Product Spec DETA-604M. If you are based in Europe, Africa or Asia, please contact

Explore NobelClad's global experience in providing structural transition joints.
  • Transportation

    Other Clad Uses

    Grounding latches

    Bolt replacement


    Steel to aluminum transition joints

  • Marine

    Other Clad Uses

    Ship building components
    Subsea jumpers
    Grounding latches
    Welding dissimilar metal stubs & tubes

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