Welded Line Pipes

NobelClad provides tailored clad solutions for corrosion-resistant, longitudinally welded line pipe projects for large flow lines. 

Customers depend on our explosion welded line pipes for 3D and 5D pipe bends in large flow lines, which require different thicknesses and lengths. Our pipe cladding process creates ultra-high reliability pipe bends that will not disband during forming and that are suitable for fit-and-forget project applications.

As global leaders in dissimilar metal solutions, we offer seamless pipes with exterior or interior cladding. Applications include boiler tubes for power plants or chemical transfer lines in various petrochemical plants around the world. Zirc Clad Pipe CP-22™, our corrosion-resistant zirconium clad pipes, save costs compared to solid alloys without compromising on quality. The pipes are designed to perform in the most extreme operation conditions of chemical plants and to run longer and more reliably, with less downtime needed for water wall repairs. 


Explore NobelClad's global experience in providing welded line pipe for industrial equipment.

Industry Applications

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical & Petrochemical

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