An Inside Look at Technical Sales with Erik Gnaedinger

From overseas to here in the U.S. NobelClad sellers find joy in their work as they assist customers with material and design challenges or offer guidance around fabrication and shipping requirements. For Erik Gnaedinger, Technical Sales – SW Region, this frame of mind is engrained in everything he does.

This mentality can be seen in the way he provides technical guidance and builds relationships with customers. “A lot of people don’t know how involved we stay throughout the completion of an order,” Gnaedinger said. “Many sales teams disconnect completely after the sale, but we have a sense of pride in seeing our job go out the door on time, and meeting expectations.”

Not many customers know this, but our sales team is both a technical resource and a commercial resource with decades of combined experience in both engineering and metallurgical background.

Gnaedinger has worked for NobelClad for four years and works in the sales group representing NobelClad to fabricators, engineering firms and end users in southwest United States. He predominately works with customers in the Oil & Gas and Chemical and Petrochemical markets. These end users often choose explosion welded clad as the cost effective, corrosive resistant solution. As of late, Erik has been chasing a few aerospace applications. The product is still in development for this new application, but “if the concept proves out, we may be sending out material into Space,” Erik commented.

Erik graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering. Prior to working at NobelClad, he was a Project Manager and a Design Engineer with Johnson Controls.

Erik’s interest in aerospace is nothing out of the ordinary, in fact if he was not in Technical Sales, he says he would be a commercial pilot – he enjoys all aspects of aviation. Many people might not know this, but he loves science fiction and his favorite book is The Stand by Stephen King. Outside of work Erik ski’s in the winter, and cycles throughout the rest of the year.
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