metal reduction, processing & smelting

NobelClad offers the knowledge and infrastructure to support aluminum smelters in driving down their operating costs, and the technology to provide dedicated solutions for improved cell performance. Our ETJ 3000, ETJ 2000 and ETJ 2001 products are the most competitive solutions on the market.

NobelClad is also now the sole distributor of roll bond metal products by Spur Industries. By expanding our product lines, we offer a full suite of solutions for for all anode and cathode applications.

Process equipment in the hydroprocessing of ore often require the use of specific materials to protect the structural components from corrosion and/or abrasion.  The use of explosion welded titanium clad in these systems can be significantly more economical in initial capital cost, life-cycle maintenance and overall service life


  • Temperature Uniformity
  • Composite Strength & Performance
  • Electrical Resistance

sample applications

  • Electrical Transition Joints: Anode & Cathode
  • Mineral Processing HPAL & POX
  • Autoclave
  • Flanges and Covers
  • Flash Vessel

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